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Esports covers the entire large audience of planet Earth. It was estimated that the capitalization of this sport last year amounted to 700 million euros, and by 2020 they expect a doubling of industry performance. It is clear that such a monetization of e-sports has affected the world of betting. That's why we decided to talk about esports betting betway with the author of the thematic blog on Legalbet - HikeZp. - How did you come to betting on e-sports, how long have you mastered this direction? - I started betting on football at 17 with a friend in BC, and I came to e-sports betting about 3 years ago. At the age of 18, when I registered in the first BC and began to study all possible tournaments and lines, there I came across e-sports which I watched before the bets, and then I started to bet. - How difficult is eSports in forecasting? - eSports in forecasting is not much different from other sports. It is worth considering the current form of the teams, it is advisable to know all the latest news about the teams, as it happens that there is news on social networks that the team is not training at the moment, but playing what qualifications. In CS.Go, it is worth considering the cards that the teams play and how they fit together, and in Dota, you need to build on the current patch of the game. Which heroes are stronger now and who plays what. I also look at the odds as in football. If I consider that the coefficient is underestimated, I won’t bet. Maybe a little harder for me than football. - Is it important to love and watch e-sports, what to put on it? - Difficult question. I like eSports very much and I watch it more often than soccer, even though I manage to bet on football better, although I devote less time to it than eSports. I believe that it is important to love what you bet, so the hobby is more about rates and knowledge, since this is all interesting to me. The same thing with football, if I did not like football, I would not bet on it. If someone does not like eSports, but can bet on it and go in for a plus, then why not.

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