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CW Rolling News Issue 19

Sensi-Fire™ Wireless Shutter Safety System

The Sensi-Fire™ Wireless Shutter Safety System is an innovative, wireless, 12 Volt DC battery, safety back-up system that automatically opens roller shutters in the event of a fire, helping protect human life. 

Crucial to fire safety, no domestic or commercial building with roller shutters should be installed without Sensi-Fire™! 

How Sensi-Fire Works

Totally independent of mains power, the Sensi-Fire™ Wireless unit is installed in close proximity to a smoke detector. 

When the smoke detector is activated, Sensi-Fire™ picks up the audio signal and instantly transmits a radio signal, in turn automatically opening all of the programmed roller shutters, allowing escape routes in and out. (1 unit can operate multiple shutters).


Download the SensiFire Wireless Safety System Brochure  (PDF) FireSafe Brochure

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